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With a tough, maintenance-free design and high quality components, the TruMix1 and XHD by HERO are built to last.   Thank you to a reliable no-slip gear drive, its mixing performance never degrades.  TruMix1 and XHD are easy to use with a small footprint, and best of all provides a long lasting performance.  TruMix1 and XHD use a time-proven motion mixing motion that quickly blends everything from latex to stucco.


  • Sturdy and balanced design that minimize wear and improve durability
  • Fully-enclosed motors are spill-proof and eliminate problems caused by dust, dirt and humidity
  • Lifetime-sealed bearings never need lubrication or cleaning, maintenance free
  • Fiber-reinforced synchronous belts never stretch, maintenance free
  • Synthetic gears resist wear and paint spills.
  • No clamping required
  • Automatic bail retainers
  • Door interlock, door does not open during operation*
  • Emergency stop - cuts power to machine immediately*
  • *U206-400001 only

Conforms to ANSI/UL STD 1450 certified to CAN/CSA STD C22.2 NO.68



HERO (S2110M), TruMix 1, Gallon paint shaker.

Height 23.5", Width 14.6", Depth 20.8" Weight 90 lbs. Load capacity 20 lbs.

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor, 2nd year parts.

Adapters: Includes a quart and pint adapter.

TruMix 1

S2110M: 1 Gallon Vortex Mixer with Mechanical Timer $1895.00

U206-400001: with Digital Timer and Interlock Switch $2595.00*
      * Door Interlock: door does not open during operation.
      * Emergency stop: cuts power to the motor immediately.



Hero S2160M, Ultrablend TruMix XHD, Five Gallon paint shaker

Height 42", Width 30", Depth 36.5", Weight 425 lbs, Load Capacity 125 lbs

Warranty:1 year parts and labor, 2nd year parts.

Our Extra Heavy Duty model provides a specialized mixing motion for 5-gallon pails of heavier materials, such as stucco or block filler. Its heavier build easily accommodates up to 125 lb. and loads safely and effectively.

Adapter: Includes 1-gallon adapter.

Timers: Mechanical, up to 5 minutes

$6400.00 Includes freight in the continental US and Canada









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